As 12th grade winds down for students, many high schools require seniors to complete a final project as part of graduation requirements. The requirement may be that the student works on something which is meaningful to him as a graduating senior. Typically, students are assigned a set amount of time to work on their projects. Documentation of the time they spend working on the project is kept by the student and turned in with the final presentation for credit.

Comfort Kits

Putting together a product like comfort kits which will benefit either a needy group of people or the community is a great way for students to work on a project with a long-term effect. Comfort kits are a terrific way to assist the community and children in need during emergency situations, and they can be donated to the local police department and emergency responders. They are kept in the emergency vehicles to be given to children in emergency situations. Contents of comfort kits usually include a small stuffed animal, coloring books, crayons, a juice box and a snack pack.

Organize a Charity Event

Having a penny drive for a local children's hospital or emergency relief organization, like the Red Cross, is a great way to raise money for charity. You will need to get permission from local community members to place jars in their businesses, which they are usually more than willing to do. Other ways to raise money for charity include a school dance where proceeds are donated to a specific charity, or organizing a fun run or walk. Such large-scale projects involve organizational skills which students will need for success in the future, particularly organization skills.

Senior Mentoring Program

Start a mentoring program as a way of giving back to the community. A fantastic opportunity for a senior project is to collaborate with a local senior center to partner senior citizens with students from either the high school or middle school in mentoring roles. This is an outstanding opportunity to provide students with mentors with life experience. The partnership with the students may also benefit many of the senior citizens who might otherwise be alone.

Shadow a Professional

Shadowing local professionals provides students with the opportunity to explore possible career options. Most high school guidance counselors maintain resources lists of local professionals who are willing to allow students to visit with them and to shadow them. Those interested in the medical field should contact the local hospital or medical school to shadow nurses, doctors, forensic pathologists or to visit the morgue. Community outreach and education offices at the local hospital is the best place to start when seeking a shadowing experience. For students who are interested in starting a business, check with local business professionals who own dry cleaners, florists and real estate offices about shadowing opportunities. The shadowing experience is also an opportunity for upperclassmen to share with their underclassmen peers their experiences with these professionals and to give other students ideas for their futures beyond graduation.

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