Writing a letter to your governor in the state of California can be an excellent way to speak your mind. One of the most common reasons that you might want to write a letter to the governor is to express your opinion about laws in the state you do not agree with and why you feel they should be changed. If the governor gets enough letters about a law, then it will be clear that the citizens of California want something done about it.

Get the correct contact information for the governor. The governor’s contact information, including a mailing address, can always be found on the governor's official Web site, gov.ca.gov.

Type the name and mailing address for the governor at the top of your letter. Below that, type the date.

Add a salutation to the letter that addresses the governor by name. For example, write “Dear Governor Brown.”

Explain to the governor the purpose of your letter. This should encompass the entire first paragraph. Give as many details as you can about your purpose, such as the name of the law you disagree with, why you want it changed and how you think changing the law will positively impact California.

List specific actions you want the governor to take. For example, you might not just be asking for a law to be repealed. You might want the governor to more forcefully execute a current law or to provide the community with more resources to enforce laws. The action you want the governor to take should be clearly stated in the letter.

Thank the governor of California at the end of the letter. Sign your name at the bottom and include your contact information if you would not mind the governor’s office trying to reach you.

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