You applied to medical school and now you are waiting for a decision. In the 3 months you have been waiting, your landlord decided to sell the rental house you were living in and, as a result, you moved and you won a prestigious award from the biology department. You know that you should update the address, and you definitely want the medical school to know about the award because it could affect their decision. The best way to let them know about these changes and to send proof of the award is to write a letter to the medical school.

Step 1

Type your address. Skip a line, and type the date. Skip another line and type the name and title of the head of admissions for the medical school, the department name, the university name and the university address on separate lines. Skip another space, and type "Dear Dr. (last name)" followed by a colon.

Step 2

Identify yourself by name and ID number, if applicable, and state that you need to update your application information. For example, "My name is Rosa Gomez, medical school applicant #5674, and I am writing to update the information on my medical school application for the fall of 2012."

Step 3

List the information that you are changing. If the information required an explanation, such as an award you won or a scholarship you earned, tell the admissions committee about the award. Enclose evidence for awards or achievements, such as press releases or a copy of the certificate. Medical school is competitive, and the committee will appreciate your effort to provide evidence. You do not need to provide evidence for a new address or name change unless the school asks you to do so, however.

Step 4

Thank the admissions director for his/her time. Reiterate your telephone number and e-mail in case he/she needs to contact you in regard to any of the updates.

Step 5

Close the letter by typing "Respectfully," and skip three line spaces. Type your full name. Print the letter and sign your name in blue or black ink above the typed name.

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