College is the stepping stone for young people into the career of their dreams. However, it is also an expensive endeavor, a financial burden sometimes made easier by scholarships, grants or student loans. However, for those students unable to obtain financial assistance and without personal financial resources to cover the complete cost of tuition, the financial burden can be great. However, with a little creativity and perseverance, there are ways to raise money for college tuition.

Appeal to family and close friends. They might be able to donate something to your overall total. While this may seem uncomfortable, you may find that people in your inner circle don’t mind contributing money to such a worthy cause. Of course, in many instances, this will also make you more accountable to do well, since those around you have made a financial investment in your future.

Look for a related side gig. You might consider tutoring or moonlighting in the major of your choice for extra cash. For example, if you are a math major, then take a position in your school’s math center to make extra money for tuition (a plus because as an employee of your school, your tuition may be decreased) or do some math tutoring for local high school students. If hospitality is your major of choice, then you might make tuition money catering special events on the weekends or working in a local restaurant.

Get online for extra money. You can do some freelance writing and even set up a blog. The best way to make money from an online blog is to offer ad space on your blog to companies that are somehow related to your topic. For example, if you are writing a blog about a women's show, ask a prominent shoe designer to place an ad for his shoes on your blog site for a nominal fee. You can also engage in affiliate marketing and offer advertising to prospective companies looking to cater to the college market, according to the Online University Lowdown website. Affiliate marketing is when you make money for sending people from your website to other company sites, increasing their traffic and potential for sales and putting cash in your pocket. This isn’t fast and easy money, though, so if you need tuition quick, this might not be the best option for you.

Apply for a work study. Work study programs essentially trade out services for tuition money and instead of giving you a check, you instead get credit toward your tuition. Many colleges take part in this program, which is federally funded and managed and offer positions in various areas around campus.

Sell your stuff. If you are in need of some quick cash for tuition, take to eBay or other auction sites and sell some of your more valuable items, such as old comic books, vintage clothing and any other unique trinkets you’ve kept throughout the years. You might be sitting on a literal pot of gold with some of the things lying around your room.

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