Enjoy an exciting and rewarding career. Travel to exotic locations. Meet new people. There are few careers that offer these qualities and flight attendant is definitely one. To become a flight attendant in Philadelphia requires some leg work and persistence. We will take a look at how to accomplish this in the city of brotherly love.

Create a list of airlines in which you are interested. Philadelphia is home to many airlines including US Air, American, United, Air Canada and many others including charters. They all hire at different times and a simple call to the human resources department can instruct you when and where hiring is going on. Many times, this initial call is a mini interview that will gauge your potential as a candidate, so be sure to be enthusiastic and well-informed about the operation you are looking into.

Know the requirements. Many airlines require a high school diploma and a background in some sort of customer service is preferable. Philadelphia has a huge amount of retail stores that you can work at to gain experience in dealing with customers and get paid as well. This will teach you techniques on dealing with a sometimes angry and ungrateful public. The only difference is that flight attendants do it at 30,000 feet in a cramped aluminum tube.

Study the company structure, the fleet of airplanes they fly, the routes, the schedules and the prospect for growth. These will all be covered in your interview. This will show the company that you are seeking a career, and not a part time job. The information will also prepare you for the type of flying you will be doing, such as international and domestic.

Prepare for the interview by having someone ask you how you would deal with certain situations such as drunken passengers, unruly kids and sexual harassment. These will all provide quick answers for the interview and keep you on top of your game. Philadelphia is a hub for US Air and is a major employer for flight attendants. Your interview will very likely include the scenario questions above.

Study and work hard after you get hired. There are many regulations and rules you have to follow in the air. Stay ahead in your studies. Prepare to find a "crashpad" as well; you don't have the seniority to keep you based in Philadelphia. Above all, be the professional that you were hired to be as a flight attendant.


Be persistent. Airlines want to see someone who is enthusiastic and who will work hard.


Be prepared to sit on a reserve schedule for a while. As you gain seniority your schedule will improve.

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