Holding a woman's day program is an exciting way to bring together the women inside and outside your local community to celebrate who they are. You can make your event as basic or as extravagant as you desire, depending on how much money you are willing to invest in the cause. After deciding on the date and time for your program, you should swiftly move forward with planning to ensure that your event is well organized and successful.

Think of a theme for your woman's day program. The theme should be a short statement that will let others know the focus of your program. For example, "Women Overcoming Obstacles" or "Women in Pursuit of Destiny."

Create a budget for your woman's day program. Your budget should include such expenses as flyers, programs, media advertisements, decorations, catering, fees or honorariums for speaker, building rentals (if you will not be utilizing your own building), and sound equipment. The expenses named are optional and will vary depending on what kind of woman's program you are hosting.

Decide on a location for your program. If you have enough space, you can hold the program at your own facility. You can also contact local theaters or convention centers in your area to obtain a quote on meeting space.

When contacting a theater or convention center, the event coordinator will need to know the date and time of your program and the number of guests you would like to accommodate. If their quote exceeds your budget amount, confer with other local churches in your community to see if you can utilize their space for your meeting.

Find a keynote speaker for your woman's day program. Sometimes you can find a good keynote speaker by networking with other organizations in your area. You can also search websites, such as KeynoteSpeakers.Com, Speaking.Com, HarryWalker.Com, and SpeakerResource.Com.

The keynote speaker should be someone who is knowledgeable and qualified to speak to the program attendees. They should be able to impart wisdom to the attendees as it pertains to your theme. The speaker's wisdom can be from education, life experience, or a combination of both.

A fee is generally assessed by the keynote speaker to speak at your event. The fee will vary by speaker and is mainly based on their popularity and expertise.

Contact a local florist to make arrangements for your building to be decorated. Network whenever possible. Individuals in your organization may be able to handle the decorations for your program and charge you less than a local florist.

If you will be holding a luncheon or dinner, contact local caterers to create a menu for your program. Provide them with your theme and a list of the types of foods you would like available so they can prepare a meal to your specifications.

Create flyers for your event. Place a picture of the keynote speaker on the flyers so people will know who the guest speaker will be. The flyer should include detailed event information, such as theme, time, date, location, and the price of admission.

Contact radio and television stations to advertise your program through their outlets. Send press releases to news and radio stations regarding your program. By sending press releases, you may have the good fortune of receiving free advertising if the station wants to interview you regarding your program.

Create a program for your event. The program should include the "Order of Services" for your program from beginning to end. Print your programs so they can passed out to your attendees as they arrive.

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