Summer enrichment programs can help students to grow both academically and socially. They offer students the opportunity to study and excel in a specific area as well as the opportunity to build leadership skills. There are many types of summer enrichment programs, both residential and day enrichment programs, plus programs that focus on specific subjects. The key to a successful enrichment program is to find something that you believe in.

Write a business plan for your summer enrichment program. This should include a mission statement as well the specific experiences that you want to provide to the students that attend. Generally there is a theme around each enrichment program, and your theme should be clear with your business plan.

Apply for grants to fund your enrichment program. You will need to find at least the initial start-up costs for the program, including salaries for your staff and money to cover the expenses of running the program. You may also want to contact local universities, community colleges, town councils and school districts to see if they are willing to help in any way.

Find a location for your summer enrichment program. Working with a specific city or school system can give you access to their equipment such as computers in a community center or a gym for sports summer enrichment program. You should find a location that will allow your students to achieve all of the tasks set forth in your mission statement. It does not make sense to put a film editing enrichment program in a park.

Check your state's regulations and apply for the proper licenses and certifications. This is essential if you want to have a successful program. These can take some time to be approved and you should begin this process as soon as you can. Each state will vary on the requirements, but you should be prepared to run background checks on all of your employees to insure the students' safety.

Begin advertising and signing students up for the enrichment. You can advertise through your local school district and in nearby towns. The Internet and mail are also both effective ways of advertising your program. As you sign people up you should require a deposit because it can help cover the expenses of starting the enrichment program.

Hire and train your staff. A good staff is an important part of the success of a good summer enrichment program. College students and teachers are excellent people to hire. If you have a specific skill that you are teaching, contact a local college and speak to someone in that department, they may be able to refer some students who would help your summer camp succeed.


Be sure to have clear policies about payment and attendance in place so that you can collect the money owed to you.

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