Activities calendars provide a comprehensive overview of planned events and alert people to what is happening on any particular date. An activity calendar can be as simple as a free calendar from the local service station stuck to the fridge with children's music lessons noted, or it can be a comprehensive 25-page spread of events planned for a corporate hotel for the next year. Regardless of the scope, the theory of designing and creating an activities calendar is the same. An activities calendar helps keep you focused.

Decide on the scope of your activities calendar. If you are planning activities for a year your calendar will have a different format than if it is for a week or a month. If the calendar is just to keep track of your personal activities, mark them in your diary at work in color codes for each type of activity to draw attention to the date and time.

Determine how many people are involved in your calendar. If it is for your children, you might want to assign each one a color and mark it in the activities. A calendar involving many people and multiple events is best done with a computer program.

Display your bright, colorful activities calendar in a prominent place for quick and easy reference. Large groups and companies might want to print calendars for their members or employees.


When designing your activities calendar, use the 24-hour clock to simplify things if you don't want people showing up at 8 a.m. (08:00) when you meant 8 p.m. (20:00).

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