How to Get Canadian Citizenship. Maybe you are overly addicted to Tim Hortons donuts and coffee. Maybe you are just fed up with the way the last national election went. You want to become Canadian. Follow these steps and eventually you too can be enjoying "Hockey Night in Canada" with a real beer in your frozen hands.

Download an application kit or call to have one sent to you. If you will be applying for any minor children, have separate applications sent for them, too.

Review the Guide. It can be sent to you along with your application, or you can download it from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. This tells you the current fees you will have to pay and where to pay them, what documents you will be required to submit and how to fill out the Application.

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Pay your application fee. Do this at most banks in Canada or do it online through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Submit the Form IMM 5401 with your application packet.

Fill out the Application and submit copies of all documents requested (do not send originals). If a document is not in English or French, have it translated with an affidavit from the translator certifying it is accurate. Include either a Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 or 5509), two photographs of yourself that conform to the standards stated in the Guide and a Form IMM 5401. You must also submit two forms of identification, like a passport, a driver's license or a provincial/territorial health card. One of those forms of identification must have your picture.

Send off your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Case Processing Centre - Sydney, P.O. Box 7000,Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6V6. Send more than one application if a family member is also applying for citizenship.

Study the booklet entitled "A Look at Canada" after you have been notified that your application has been received and is being processed. Learn all you can about the election process in Canada, Canadian history and geography and your rights and responsibilities as a Canadian citizen. Brush up on your English or French if you need to at this time, since you must be able to converse in one or the other without assistance during your test and/or interview with a citizenship judge.

Take your written test and/or prepare to meet with a citizenship judge. Your written test, if you are required to take one, will last about 30 minutes, and your interview will be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes long.


Approximately 150,000 people every year become Canadian citizens. If you have any questions about the Canadian citizenship process, call (888) 242‑2100 inside Canada or contact the Canadian embassy or consulate near you.


If you have not lived in Canada for at least 2 years as a permanent resident, you cannot apply for Canadian citizenship. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website has an online calculator to help you determine if you have lived in Canada long enough to apply.

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