It’s your moment to shine – on paper. The application you send in for a scholarship holds many things, aside from your hopes of getting the education subsidy. It holds your essay, recommendation letters and scholarship motivation letter depending on the application guidelines. To write a good letter for your scholarship, you should familiarize yourself with the process and specify your goals. You can also ask someone to offer to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter

A reference letter for a scholarship offers insight from a third party about character, qualities and your achievements both in and out of a classroom setting. Pro tip: Don’t be shy about sharing the scholarship requirements with the person writing the letter, usually a teacher, clergy person, mentor or coach. Bring up any relevant criteria that made you think they would be the perfect person too write the letter for you and this particular scholarship. If you find a scholarship that focuses on community service, reach out to the person who supervised you. If you were a lifeguard and find a scholarship for that field, ask the pool manager to make a recommendation based on your service or any events that you assisted with.

Scholarship Letter Sample

A scholarship sample letter can help you gain ground in the highly competitive and populated application field. If you are writing a letter yourself, it may be hard to write about your accomplishments. Make a list of what you want to convey and what you know will be exceptional for them to understand about you. Have a professional writer or an English teacher go over the letter to check for any grammar or spelling mistakes. It can be difficult to read your own writing, particularly when the subject is so personal. Start with a brief introduction about your goals and how the scholarship may relate to you personally. Then, discuss your strengths and add in any extracurricular activities.

Scholarship Essay Tips

What makes the scholarship essay important is that it gives the admission officer a sense of who you are, your goals, your creativity and insight into what is motivating you to attend college. The format is fairly straightforward, although you should always check the specific guidelines of the scholarship for which you are applying. The scholarship essay should be about two to three pages in length and double-spaced for easy reading and marking. Use the Times New Roman font for a professional and coordinated look, paired with a 12-point font. Have the margins on the top, bottom and sides by 1 inch and the paper clean and crisp once completed and pulled from the printer tray.

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