The scholarship essay is a portrait of you and your unique situation. All of your positive attributes should shine in your scholarship essay that expresses your need for financial aid.

An emotionally moving letter that speaks to a financial aid officer features a personalized story in a positive way. Familiarize yourself with the writing process and construct a few sample scholarship essays based on a financial need to create a touching and successful essay.

The work you put into completing your financial aid letter can lead to a lucrative and life-changing college career.

How to Frame a Personal Story

Frame your story in a positive light. To do this, you may need to dig deep into difficult situations. Turn any adversity you have experienced into an opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to state your accomplishments. Discuss how you overcame obstacles or found ways to turn difficulties into victories. Edit out any negative language that brings the tone down or puts your reaction to a situation in a bad light.

Begin with a brief introduction and finish with a confident flourish. The main body of your concise letter should contain why you deserve to earn the financial aid.

Sample Scholarship Essays Based on Financial Need

Look online and you will find a slew of scholarship essay examples of financial need. While these can be helpful, they shouldn’t be copied verbatim.

Use a sample scholarship application letter for financial need as a template. Infuse it with your personal story. Be honest and insightful about why you need financial aid to attend a higher education institution.

Statement of Financial Need Example

A statement of financial need example will typically be shorter than an essay. The scholarship committee is looking for short and sweet essays. To create a moving statement, keep your sentences short and get to the most poignant part of your story quickly. Keep the statement of financial aid to less than 200 words with paragraphs of no more than thee or four sentences.

On the bright side, this concise statement of your financial need situation can serve double duty. If done correctly, then you should be able to use the statement of financial need as a cover letter for other, lengthier and more intensive scholarship application packets. It should express all of your best attributes, concisely define your goals and move the reader to understand you and your financial needs.

Write and Rewrite a Sample Letter

Admissions officials at colleges are flooded with scholarship requests. Use your specific situation to your advantage. Considering that most scholarships are based on the student’s financial need, your explanation of why you need assistance to pursue your goals can help you stand out.

Briefly describe your financial need for this scholarship sample before you give it to someone else to read over. By creating sample scholarship essays based on a financial need for each scholarship you are applying for, you take the pressure off of yourself.

It may take a few samples, or rough drafts, before you hit the correct tone you are looking for to get the attention of the financial institution offering the aid.

Before Sending in a Scholarship Essay

You’ve done all the hard work, explored ways to introduce your situation in a positive and unique light and feel good about the structure of your scholarship letter. Now comes the polish. Pass the letter on to a trusted teacher or someone with a background in grammar and editing.

Make sure every comma, period and hyphen are perfectly in place. Let as many people see it who you feel can offer beneficial feedback. Don’t rush the process in finalizing a crisp, concise and correct scholarship letter. This will ensure you put your best financial foot forward in your quest to pay for a quality education at the school of your choice.

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