High school fundraising activities help students raise money for a cause but may also have other benefits. By assisting with fundraising, students may identify a college course of study or professional career calling. Universities and colleges now offer courses and degree programs in fundraising. Indiana University has an entire fundraising school program for those interested in becoming fundraising professionals. Help students learn about a possible career path with interesting and successful fundraising ideas.

Talent and Task

Have student extracurricular groups perform tasks or talents for money. Advertise throughout the school and community the tasks and talents students will perform. Create a base price list but also ask for donations. For best results, choose a specific location and date or dates for the event rather than letting the buyer of the service choose the date and time. This assists with overall organization.

For the fundraiser, band and choir groups sell serenades or musical greetings. Art groups create caricatures, face paintings and portraits. Dance and cheer groups meet with younger kids for a mini-dance camp. Sports organizations offer private mini-lessons. Mechanical vocation groups offer car washes and details. Technology groups take photos for donations. Drama groups put on short skits. The list of possibilities is limited only by student imagination.

Memories and Gifts

Parents and family often purchase memorabilia so offer it as a fundraising idea. Several companies offer engraved bricks or tiles specifically for school fundraising purposes. Parents and family purchase the tile, specify the engraved message and after receiving it, the school often installs them in a special area. Another product allows children to draw a picture that the company then prints onto the tile. After printing, the school installs the tiles to create a permanent wall of tiled artwork.

Gift basket donations and a raffle can be the means to a successful fundraiser. Solicit donations of gift baskets. Send a flier with specifications concerning condition, price and presentation of the gift basket donations. Sell raffle tickets for a period of time then raffle off the gift baskets at a school event such as a concert or sporting event. If selling the tickets at the door of your event, display the baskets with a small container for the raffle tickets. Allow your participants to choose the basket they want to try to win by dropping their ticket stub into the container they choose.

Donations and Benefits

Many national store chains offer programs where schools may register with them and receive donations. In some cases, customers register online for a school. When they shop, a percentage of their purchase total goes back to the school in the form of a donation.

Other businesses have benefit programs that allow schools to sign up with them to receive a portion of sales during a particular time. Schools may sign up for a recurring benefit time each week or month in some cases. Schools may then advertise for patrons to come out and support their benefit by making purchases during the designated time.

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