The General Education Development (GED) exam offers people over the age of 16 the opportunity to earn a certificate that is widely considered to be equivalent to a high school diploma. Since the program began in 1942, more than 17 million people have obtained GEDs, and a high score is very obtainable for those who properly prepare for the test.

Understand the Test

To start, it is essential that you become familiar with the GED's contents. The exam has five parts, each of which you must pass in order to receive the GED certificate. Those parts are Language Arts, Writing; Language Arts, Reading; Social Science; Science; and Mathematics. Most of the questions are multiple choice, although the Language Arts, Writing section includes an essay section. The test is offered only at official GED Testing Centers, which you can find around the world.


To get a high GED score, you must practice in advance. The GED Testing Service website (see Resources) offers you the chance to do so. The site's resources include sample questions for each section as well as full-length practice tests, which you can purchase as books or access online. If you are unfamiliar with computer-based testing, the website also offers a free tutorial so you can become comfortable with how it works.

Get Necessary Accommodations

The GED Testing Service website also allows you to sign up for accommodations, if necessary. If you have diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an emotional or mental health disability, a learning disability or a physical disability that could affect your ability to take the test successfully, they will help you overcome those limitations. You will need to set up those accommodations in advance. If you need that help to get the high score you've worked for, don't be afraid to ask.


When you are studying for the GED, don't cram. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for it well without overwhelming yourself. The night before the test, take some time to unwind and have fun. Get a good night of sleep, have a big breakfast the next morning and trust in the work you have put in to prepare yourself for the exam. If you keep a cool head, you will likely earn a higher score.

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