Online GED Courses

People with busy schedules or who do not have access to GED (General Education Development) preparation classes sponsored by local school district adult education programs or community colleges can study for the GED exam at home by enrolling in GED courses online. The Internet offers a number of different online programs designed to help students practice for the exam. While many people worry that they will not be able to pass the exam the first time, practice can increase your chances of doing well, especially if it has been a long time since you last attended school. Areas tested include reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Knowing how to use critical thinking skills is more important than knowing facts. Adult learners who do better in a more informal learning atmosphere and are self-disciplined may choose to prepare for the test through online courses. Those eligible to take the exam include adults age 16 and older who are not enrolled in school.


The first step in preparing to take the GED exam is to identify academic areas in which you might be weak. Many online GED programs offer a practice test that you can take online. A practice test will help you to assess both your strengths and weaknesses so that you know what skills might need some work. Students are asked the same kinds of questions that appear on the actual test. Practice exams are also scored in the same way. Many online GED programs provide free tutoring to students when they need it. Some will even refund your tuition if you don't pass the GED exam. Online programs allow students to work at their own pace on a time schedule convenient to them. In addition, many adults find studying online less stressful than trying to learn in a traditional classroom environment.


When preparing for the math section of the test, get in the habit of rechecking your work. Practice different kinds of math problems until you feel at ease doing them. Sometimes reciting the steps of a math problem out loud can help you understand certain math rules better. Write for a few minutes every day to improve your writing skills. Keep a dictionary handy. Reading is another way to improve your writing. Reading increases your vocabulary and shows you how to use English grammar. As for science and social studies, reading the material carefully, asking yourself questions about what you read and reviewing key points are all good study habits.

GED Exam

While adults may enroll in online GED preparation programs and utilize other online resources to prepare for the exam, they may not take the actual GED test online. There are official testing centers located in many communities nationwide. Costs and guidelines for taking the test vary by state. While in some areas, the tests are offered for free, most locations charge a nominal fee. If you have any questions regarding the GED exam, contact the GED Administrator in your state for more information.

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