Many people dream of the fame and fortune that comes with a successful career in fashion design. Many schools have fashion design programs, but because so many people aspire to be in the industry, earning acceptance by the best schools can be extremely challenging. Preparation and experience can help an applicant prepare for the competition facing them when applying to a great fashion design school.

Learn to sew. Sewing is an integral part of fashion design, and it's also a dying art and skill that many young people don't have. Beginning to sew at a young age can put a potential fashion designer a step ahead of the others competing to get into the school.

Perfect your drawing skills. While artistic skill sometimes comes naturally, those who don't have it can improve through practice. A fashion designer needs to be able to effectively translate ideas to paper so that others can see their designs.

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Maintain good grades throughout grade and high school. As with any college, fashion design schools are looking for hardworking, dedicated and studious people. Good grades along with good test scores are usually an indication of this.

Work part-time at fashion boutiques or trendy clothing shops. This will prove to admission officials your base understanding of the fashion business, and show a willingness to work from the bottom up.

Get experience of any kind. This probably means you will have to offer your services for free, but it will give you much-needed experience. Sew clothing for friends and family, design and sew prom dresses, homecoming dresses or personal clothes. It is never too early to start building a portfolio.

Find exceptional references. Look for local fashion designers, whether they have recognizable names or not, and ask them if they mind being followed, shadowed or even just interviewed. Show them your potential talents and ambitions, and ask them to be references. Most will be flattered and agree to it.

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