Skyward is a website utilized by school districts in Washington State that enables families to check student records at any time. You and your student can log in to Skyward provided your student has your permission to do so to view his or her school records, which include grades and other academic performance information. School districts encourage parents to become involved in the academic achievements of their children and believe Skyward helps parents do just that.

Obtain a Family Access registration form from your school district by going online and printing one from the school district's website or by asking your child's school to provide an application for you. Fill it out completely and return it to your child's school.

Go online and login to your email account to obtain your Family Access username and password, which is emailed to you three to five days after you submit your Family Access registration form.

Provide your family, including your children, with the username and password for family access. To login to Skyward your student only has to visit your school district's website to click on the Skyward link for your particular school district. Your child must enter your Family Access username and password and click "Login."

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