The bee is not a popular choice for college mascots, but it does have characteristics that every team mascot needs. The symbol of a bee can inspire fear and intimidate because of the bug's ability to sting. A bee may be small, but its tenacious spirit, teamwork and hard work ethic mirror the characteristics needed to be successful in collegiate team sports.

Georgia Tech University

Georgia Tech University's mascot, Buzz, is one of the more recognizable college mascots because of the university's successful athletic teams. The mascot, which is technically a hornet, is a slender yellow jacket with a yellow head and large black eyes. According to the school, the mascot grew out of the name yellow jackets given to Georgia Tech fans who showed their support by wearing yellow jackets to sporting events. Buzz was adopted later as the official mascot.

University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore's mascot, the UB Bee or Eubie, is a cartoon bee dressed in a sweater with the school's blue and white colors. The newly designed Eubie was introduced in 2010, but the bee has been the mascot of the school since 1937. The school does not have intercollegiate sports teams, but Eubie cheers on players in the campus intramural sports leagues and tournaments.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is one of the few art and design schools in the United States that has an intercollegiate athletics program. The Bees athletic teams compete in the Sun Conference in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The mascot, Art the Bee, is a large bumble bee with a black head and a toothy and angry snarl expression. The mascot cheers on SCAD's more than 15 sports teams.

St. Ambrose University

St. Ambrose University is a private Catholic university in Davenport, Iowa. The school gets its mascot from its namesake Saint Ambrose, the patron saint of bees. The fighting bee mascot is depicted with a protruding stinger and an angry face from a side view. The bee is blue and white like the colors of the school. The fighting bee represents tenacity in support of the school's 20 athletic teams competing in the NAIA conference.

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