Sports agents are responsible for handling the business affairs of an athlete's career. Because of this, they must know not only the sport, but also other matters that affect the professional athlete. A major in sports management, therefore, is interdisciplinary, involving many different fields of study. Sports management degrees are not, however, your only option if you wish to become a sports agent. Other business majors can be useful and advanced degrees in business or law can help you launch a career as a sports agent.

Sports Management Degrees

Several schools offer sports management degrees. According to The Princeton Review, sports managers are involved with the business aspect of a player's career and therefore must be well versed in economics, marketing, communications, law and accounting. Sports management programs often encompass all of these fields.

Undergraduate Schools

According to The Princeton Review, more than 200 schools offer undergraduate sports management programs. There are no graduate programs specifically for sports management. However, some students who are interested in becoming sports agent choose to attend business school, some of which have sports management programs. Other students attend law school as preparation for a career as a sports agent.

Other Undergraduate Majors

If you are interested in attending a school that does not have a sports management degree, there are other options. According to The Princeton Review, because sports agents deal with the business side of sports, majors in accounting and finance, communications, advertising and marketing can also lead you to a career as a sports agent. Other appropriate majors include business entrepreneurship, human resources management, journalism and recreation management.

Business School

According to The Princeton Review, there are more than 20 business schools that offer media/entertainment, sports management programs or concentrations. Among them are Arizona State University, Barry University, Columbia University in the City of New York, DePaul University, George Washington University, Northwestern University, and The Ohio State University have this program. University of California-Los Angeles, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University of Oregon also have this program.

Law School

According to The Princeton Review, there are more than 20 schools that offer sports and fitness administration/management as an area of study for law school students. Law school is also a good option for becoming a sports agent, considering that many agents deal with an athlete's contracts.

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