Bubble scantrons are an easy way for teachers to format an examination. Students choose from multiple choice answers and fill in the bubbles on their answer sheets with number two pencils. The scantrons are read either by machine or by a teacher. Scantrons can give teachers more time to teach, and the forms are easy for students to fill out. To create your own bubble scantrons for the classroom, use online forms to make simple multiple choice answer sheets.

Create multiple choice answers for your test. Consider the age of your students before determining how many choices to include for each question. Offer younger children three choices, older students five.

Proofread your test for errors and possible confusion. Keep multiple choice answers easy to understand, especially for younger children who are new to this kind of testing. For example, remove any ambiguous wording or answers that are too similar.

Mix up the sections to form at least two versions of your test, Test A and Test B. This will deter cheating within the classroom and between class periods. Place true or false questions at the bottom of the page, which makes it more difficult for cheaters to copy.

Count the number of questions on your test and figure out how many columns and rows you wish to have on your bubble scantron answer sheet. For example, if you have 50 questions all together, consider having five columns of 10 rows of multiple choice answers.

Go to an online scantron or bubble test generator from Catpin Productions, which offers custom bubble answer sheets for teachers, or try Form Return to generate answer sheets from bubble sheet templates. Catpin accepts donations for its services, and Form Return charges a fee.


Keep the bubble answers simple and easy to read.


Be sure there is no talking during the examination.

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