Caterers not only prepare creative, visually stimulating and delicious creations; their food often sets the mood at events that include weddings, banquets, corporate parties, birthday parties, business meetings, and a number of other events that demand exquisite food for groups of people. By taking a few courses in catering, you can sharpen your skills and settle into a lucrative career that allows you artistic freedom in the food you prepare.

Management Courses

Caterers don’t simply know how to cook; they must also learn how to budget and manage the business aspect of their services. The International School of Hospitality’s Catering Department offers a course on management that teaches students how to plan their food and beverage operations. Without management education, caterers run the risk of not making healthy profits by overspending on food ingredients and manpower. Management courses teach students how to shop the smart way, set salaries, and come out ahead financially.

Cake Decorating Courses

Caterers will take professional development courses to enhance their craft, and as cakes are a popular request in the world of catering, taking a course in cake decorating will prepare you for weddings, banquets, birthdays and office parties. The Institute of Culinary Education teaches techniques in the art of cake decorating leaving students with the ability to stun the public with intricate designs. The school’s website states that this course isn’t just for people wishing to work as cake decorators, but rather for anyone wishing to take their products and services to the next level, including caterers.

Degree Courses

Catering schools offer a number of degree programs focusing on various fields of the industry. Munnar Catering College offers a three-year diploma in hotel management and catering technology, a one-year diploma in professional cookery, a three-year Bachelor of Science in hotel management, catering technology and tourism, and many others. These degree programs are orientated to caterers who also want to run a hospitality service in conjunction with their catering business. Various catering schools specialize in degrees with niche disciplines, while others offer basic catering degree programs with no interdisciplinary elements.

Online Courses

If you want to increase your catering knowledge and skill set, but lack the time to attend daytime college classes, distance leaning via online programs is a great option. Penn Foster Career School’s Caterer Program teaches students baking and pasty, food styles, types of meat and seafood, kitchen techniques and preparations, and how to be a culinary professional. The program offers students books and study guides, instructional support, student services counseling via phone, email and message boards, and the ability to chat online with other students and faculty members.

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