The GI Bill provides educational benefits to veterans of the United States armed forces. At present time, two versions of the GI Bill are in effect: the Pre-9/11 and Post-9/11 GI Bills. While there are subtle differences, both provide benefits based on the student's enrollment status.

Enrollment Status

For both versions of the GI Bill, full-time enrollment is considered to be 12 semester hours or greater. Half time is six semester hours, and part time is less than six.

Certifiable Hours

The GI Bill only counts hours that apply to your degree program. Hours must be certified with the Veterans Administration each semester by a school official.

Post-9/11 Housing Benefit

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides a housing stipend for full-time students. To receive this benefit, a student must attend at least one-quarter time in on-campus classes.

Status Changes

If a course is rejected for certification by the VA, the resulting change in status can affect your benefit allowances and can result in money owed back to the VA.

Failed or Dropped Classes

Tuition for failed or dropped classes must be paid back to the VA before further course work will be funded.

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