As a senior citizen on a fixed income you can go to college and take tuition-free classes and even get a degree. According to the American Council on Education, approximately 60 percent of accredited schools will waive tuition for adults over age 60, as of 2008. Some state colleges require you to be to 65 to qualify for senior status. Free classes for seniors are often offered on a space-available basis.

University of New Hampshire

Senior citizens must be 65 and legal residents of New Hampshire to take advantage of free tuition at the University of New Hampshire. Students can enroll in a maximum of two credit-bearing courses per academic year. All classes are determined by availability. Senior citizens can't register until 2 weeks prior to the first day of school. Seniors are responsible for any course fees and materials.

Connecticut Colleges

Senior citizens are welcome to attend all Connecticut public colleges and universities tuition-free. Students must be at least 62 and a legal resident of Connecticut. Connecticut State University offers free tuition for credit-bearing courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. The University of Connecticut allows seniors to audit classes free. A small fee for accredited classes is charged and students are responsible for all class fees and books. The 12 community colleges in Connecticut also offer tuition-free classes for seniors, depending on the space available in each class.

Kent State University

Kent State University in Ohio offers a student guest program to senior citizens 60 years and older. You must have been a legal resident of Ohio for at least one year to take advantage of the program. Seniors are allowed to audit one to three classes per year, depending on the number of degree-seeking students enrolled. Students are responsible for all class fees and books. Seniors can't register until one week before the start of class.

North Virginia Community College

To receive free tuition at North Virginia Community College (NOVA), you must be 60 years old and have been a legal resident of Virginia for at least one year. Seniors are eligible to take up to three noncredit courses and audit classes per year. Credit classes are tuition-free if your taxable income is less than $15,000 per year. The classes must have space available after tuition-paying students have enrolled. Free parking is available to all senior citizens who present proof of class registration. Seniors are required to pay for all course fees and books.

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