The Florida Prepaid College Plan helps families save money for a child's college education. It offers various tuition savings plans that the beneficiary can use at any of Florida's state universities and colleges. You can request a partial or full refund of the payments you have made into a tuition plan, but you must have a valid reason and show supporting evidence. The Florida Prepaid College Board issues refunds on a semester by semester basis and only to the account owner.

Scholarship Refund

You can request a refund from your prepaid college plan if the beneficiary has received a scholarship. Complete and sign the Scholarship Refund form. Attach relevant documentation to support your request, such as the beneficiary's list of classes for the semester, the cost per credit hour, proof of dormitory residence – if you have a dormitory plan and the scholarship pays for housing – and official notification of the scholarship from the school. You can choose to receive an amount equal to the cost of the classes or equal to the expenses that the scholarship covers.

Dormitory Plan Refund

The dormitory plan covers the cost of housing each semester. You can request a refund if the beneficiary is unable to secure dormitory accommodation because no double-occupancy, air-conditioned room is available or because the school does not offer this type of housing. The board will refund the average cost of this room at the institution. Complete the Unavailable Dormitory Refund form and submit it, along with written proof of unavailability from the university housing department and a copy of the class schedule for the semester.

Account Owner Reimbursement

If you have made college-related payments out of pocket, you can ask to be reimbursed. The board will not issue a refund for items that the plan does not cover, such as books. Review your plan's policy to find out what's covered and the items for which you can expect reimbursement. Submit the Account Owner Reimbursement form to the board, along with proof of your expenses and the student's class schedule for the semester for which you're requesting reimbursement.

Other Refund Requests

Different forms are used for other types of refund requests. Submit the Refund Release Request form for a refund that was placed on hold. Your signature must be notarized. Submit the Unclaimed Refund Request form if the student's name or your name is on the list of unclaimed refunds on the website for the Florida Prepaid College Plan. Have the account owner's signature notarized and attach a copy of the account owner's picture identification and a copy of one document proving ownership of the plan. Complete the Expiring Benefits form if the plan is expiring or has expired. Submit it within a year of expiration to avoid losing the benefits. Check the website for a list of expired plans.

Canceling the Plan

You can cancel a plan if the beneficiary has died or is totally disabled. Complete the Death-Disability of Beneficiary form and submit supporting evidence, such as a death certificate or an official letter from a medical doctor attesting to the beneficiary's condition and inability to attend school. You may file a Voluntary Cancellation form if you wish to cancel for other reasons. The board will refund your payments minus all fees, including 50 percent of all payments if you have held the plan for less than two years.

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