High school sports offer athletes a venue in which to entice college recruiters. The person who spends the most time with these student athletes are their coaches. While the school district has hiring and conduct policies for coaches, it is also the parents' duty to see they are being followed. What do you do if the coach has acted inappropriately? The process of complaining about a high school coach is outlined here.

Know and keep your student's handbook. They should receive one the first day of school, if they don't, ask the office for a copy of your own. Highlight anything in the book that pertains to your student including their conduct, student activities, student sports and other important information.

Use common sense. If the problem can be resolved by talking with the coach (such as if your child feels there is favoritism), then call a meeting with the coach and school principal or athletic director to discuss the issue.

Be discretionary. If the problem is much more serious or may involve law enforcement officials (such as sexual inappropriateness or assault), go straight to the police and have a private meeting with the athletic director, school district superintendent and school principal.

Protect your child. Never dismiss a complaint from your child without first checking out the validity of the accusation. Speak with other parents to see if their children have complained about the coach.


Be an active parent. To be the first to know of any inappropriate conduct between students and coaches, and be aware of everything. Attend the games, go to some of the practices and be involved. A coach is less likely to act inappropriately if there are always parents watching.


Be careful. If the accusations are false, you could ruin someone's career. If they are true and illegal, they could run if they know the police are looking for them.

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