Every school district has different rules about excused absences. Some schools give students more allowable days off, while other schools are more stringent. No matter which type of school your children attend, clear communication with the administrators is the best policy. In most cases, an excused absence is absence from school for reasons that seem acceptable to the teachers or principals. For lengthy periods of absence such as a vacation or an illness, give the school staff all of the details.

Plan ahead and know when you and your family are going to be taking a vacation. Secure the dates a couple of months in advance so you have a tangible plan for the school principal.

Plan ahead if your child is sick and call your doctor. Tell your doctor your child's symptoms and see if he needs an appointment. Ask the doctor for a sick note because your child stayed home from school that day.

Send a note in to school with your child. Attach either the vacation plans or a copy of the doctor's note. The note should have the date, your child's name, a valid reason why you child missed or will be missing school, your signature, your name printed underneath and a phone number where you can be reached.

Call the school if you have not heard anything back from them within a week. Ask if the doctor's note was sufficient for an excused absence, or ask if they need any further details on the trip you will be taking. Offer to go meet with them if necessary.

Request that the school give you a letter stating that the days you asked to be excused for vacation will indeed be excused. Their letter should also state what your child needs to do to keep up in class.


If an extended time is needed due to health, have the doctor get in touch with the school to go over alternative methods for your child.

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