Writing a campaign speech for kids isn't all child's play. Children are smart and informed voters, and can tell when you are lying about giving out free chocolate every Friday after you are elected. Your speech has to stand out and catch their attention, usually in under two minutes. Writing a good and appropriate children's campaign speech increases your chances for winning the election.

Start off with a good, clean, short joke. The children hear speech after speech and are going to start to tune out what is said. You need to say something to catch their attention. Getting them to laugh will give them a little break.

Introduce yourself and declare the office that you are running for. Not making yourself known could be a big mistake later when the children are voting and remember who you are.

Talk about what you will do if elected. Everyone has ideas about how the school could be run better — maybe more vending machines in the cafeteria, maybe off-campus lunches, maybe getting to wear shorts on Friday. Tell your peers how you will work hard to change things for the better.

Thank the students for their time. Remember to be gracious and to treat the audience and the other candidates alike.

Keep the speech short. Usually, you will be given a time limit of up to two minutes. Make sure that you do not run over or you could be disqualified.


Coin a slogan that you can use on your posters and in your speech.

Do not make any promises that you are not willing to keep. Nobody likes a liar.

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