Learning a new language can be a fulfilling and an immensely useful experience. It can also be frustrating, tedious and boring for some. Games have been created to help people learn and enjoy the Chinese language.

Nick Jr. Kai-lan's

The official Nick Jr. site features many Kai-lan Chinese language learning games. Kai-lan is a playful, bilingual (English and Mandarin Chinese) preschooler who stars in the animated show Ni Hao, Kai-lan which airs on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. The many \"listen and learn\" games were created to help preschoolers practice Chinese. Subjects of the various games include Chinese festivals and foods, greetings, emotions, colors and numbers.

The University of Maine Website

The University of Maine System website provides Chinese language games. Concentration games help language learners distinguish differences between Chinese characters and voice tones. Players must match Chinese characters and match the Chinese characters or spoken Chinese to English or Pinyin (simplified Chinese) to increase their recognition of the language. Themes of games also include topics such as numbers, colors and maps, teaching the names of American states and Chinese provinces. Traditional English songs such as \"Old McDonald Had a Farm\" and \"Pop Goes the Weasel\" are translated to help students learn how to string words together to create proper sentences.

Transparent Language: Mandarin Chinese Games Online

The language learning company, Transparent Language, has Mandarin Chinese games available for free online. The game Word Seek embeds Chinese words within a word seek puzzle. Game topics include numbers, family and travel.

For students willing to make a financial investment in their language study, the Transparent Language company offers software programs that include games for children and adults. The Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition program is a comprehensive language course which includes lessons, immersion videos and games to help users achieve the complete Mandarin proficiency they desire.

Digital Dialects Chinese (Mandarin) language learning games

The Chinese language learning games by Digital Dialects cover the basics and the games scripts include both simplified Chinese and Pinyin (Roman Alphabet). Game themes include numbers, foods, colors, general vocabulary builders and common phrases and greetings. Games include matching Chinese words or phrases to the words English equivalents. Some of the games include audio and some do not.

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