Most colleges require high school students to pass courses in English, the sciences, foreign language and math to gain admissions. But earning a passing grade in math can be a challenge, especially if you have struggled in math all through high school. If you fail math in your senior year, it's not the end of the world. You can retake the class before you attend college.

Summer School Blues

If you failed math in your senior year and want to submit a college application, ask an admissions counselor at the college to which you're applying if the school has an approved procedure for such an occurrence. If the college allows it, retake the math course in summer school. You may have to enroll in another high school's summer session if your high school doesn't offer one. You also can enroll in a remedial math course at a local community college during the summer.

Test Out

Even if you failed high school math, some colleges might be willing to let you test out of the math requirement, provided you earn a passing score on a placement test. For example, you may be permitted join the freshman class if you pass the ACT Compass, a test used by many colleges to place students in math courses or to waive the math requirement altogether. Some colleges also have their own proprietary math placement tests that you can take to qualify for a math waiver. If your college offers the placement test option, you may wish to hire a math tutor to help you study for it.

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