Investment bankers work in three main sectors: trading, research analysis and corporate finance. Traders buy and sell commodities and securities, while research analysts monitor stock movement and make predictions. A corporate finance professional works with corporate clients and offers guidance for mergers and acquisitions while trying to increase their client's funds from the debt market. Attending a top business school for this field will give you the best education for the top jobs in investment banking.

Stanford University

According to “Business Insider,” Stanford University has the world’s best business school, and getting an MBA in finance from Stanford will qualify you to pursue a career in investment banking. Students in Stanford’s School of Business receive continuous support from leadership and academic career coaches along with curriculum tailored to their specific academic and career goals. Stanford’s Business School also has smaller-than-average class sizes, which allows students to collaborate and form life-long relationships.

Harvard University

“Business Insider” ranks Harvard Business School number two and praises it for its emphasis on research and innovation in the curriculum. Students learn through engaging in case method courses, multimedia simulations and other experiences, which fosters the exceptional leadership skills that top employers seek. Harvard Business School is also known for its ability to train students to be leaders and business-ready professionals who use excellent judgment in the decisions they make. These core objectives of the school’s educational process are based on rigorous factual analysis.

University of Pennsylvania

Ranking just below Harvard, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is ranked third by “Business Insider.” Students who want a career in investment banking will benefit from a number of graduate degree programs at Whatron, including the MBA in Advanced International Studies -- a solid degree for an investment banker if he hopes to work in the global marketplace. With 18 MBA majors to choose from, future investment bankers may also select the Information Strategy and Economics or the Global Analysis Multinational Management degree options.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Business Insider” ranks MIT’s Sloan School of Management at number four among the best business schools. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in investment banking will benefit from any of the school’s many degree programs. Their Action Learning Lab classes, which provide live case discussions and stimulating collaborative projects, allow students to interact with industry leaders to deepen their knowledge and experience and to potentially develop meaningful networking relationships. One core component of the MBA program is based on action learning -- an educational method that applies academic concepts to business challenges faced by investment bankers in the real world.

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