A day care classroom bulletin board can stimulate the infant's sense of sight. By 3 months of age, babies can see up to 10 inches away; between 5 and 8 months they are developing better color vision; and at 12 months they can judge distances, according to the American Optometric Association. Build these budding skills with a vibrant, pattern-filled board in your classroom. You can also use this out-in-the-open space to keep in touch with parents.

Present a Primary Color Board

Bold primary colors will grab the infant's interest, according to the website Baby Center. Play to this sensory stage of development and dress up your day care display in red, yellow and blue. Instead of adding intricate details that the infants may miss, keep it simple. Cover the board in one of the primaries, and then add big shapes in the other colors. For example, cover the board with red construction paper. Cut soccer ball-sized circles out of yellow and blue paper. Tape the circles to the bulletin board to create a polka dot scene.

Photo Display of the Infants

Bring mom and dad's familiar faces to the day care day with a photo display. Ask parents to send in head-shot photos of themselves and their families. Bigger photos will make it easier for the infants to see details in the faces. Line the board with a neutral color paper such as white or cream. Tape or staple the photos to the board. To let children see the bulletin board, pick them up, one at a time, and carry them over to look at the photos.

Pattern Play Bulletin Board

Large-scale patterns in black and white are high-contrast visuals that typically interest infants, according to the Smith-Kettlewell Research Institute. Design a display that features a repeating pattern in black and white. For example, cut black and white rectangle-shaped stripes from poster board paper. Alternate the strips across the board. Make the pattern more visually stimulating and add a checkerboard using black and white squares. Switch up the pattern every week to keep the infants' interest and help them to discriminate between shapes.

Communicate With a Parent Notification Board

A day care bulletin board can help you to effectively communicate with parents. Design a board that will get parents' attention and communicate key information. Stencil and cut out letters that spell the current month. Staple these to the top of the board. Include a monthly calendar, information about community events and activities and anything else families need to know. For example, post the winter weather school cancellation policies on the board from November through March, or add information about the Valentine's Day school party in February.

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