Accelerated, Bible-related programs allow adults to earn a bachelor's or master's degree relatively quickly. These accredited degree programs capitalize on the student's life experiences or previous course credits, while some programs accelerate the pace of the program. Many schools use the online format to accelerate the pace, although the delivery method varies.

Cornerstone University

The nondenominational Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers an accelerated bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership that is an 80-week program, with on-campus or online formats for those in ministry or who work for a nonprofit organization. Students must have at least 56 semester hours of transferable college credit and two years of full-time, post-high school work experience to apply. Students take additional courses to complete the program, such as Christian doctrine and managing nonprofit organizations.

Life Pacific College

The Pentecostal-related Life Pacific College of San Dimas, California, offers an 18-month Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership program, where the student must transfer in a minimum of 75 credit units, including life-learning credit. Offered in an online format, the program is designed for working leaders who will participate with other students in a cohort model to complete their degree, with courses in Bible and theology, ministry and general education.

Maranatha Baptist Bible College

Maranatha Baptist Bible College of Watertown, Wisconsin, offers an online bachelor's degree program for working adults. Students must be 23 or older and have completed 60 transferable credit hours, including up to 12 hours of life experience, to apply. Students go on to complete the program, developing a concentration specific to their needs, such as in Biblical studies, with courses in Old Testament, literature and Baptist heritage.

Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University of Dallas, Texas, offers accelerated bachelor's and master's degree programs where the student completes both a bachelor's and master's degree, sharing course work between degrees. Students pursue combined degrees, such as a bachelor's in Christian studies and a master's in Christian education, with faster completion time and less cost than separate degree programs. In addition, other dual programs are offered in areas like business or teaching.

Indiana Wesleyan University of Marion

Indiana Wesleyan University of Marion, Indiana, offers an online bachelor's accelerated degree program, where the student must have at least two years of post-high school work experience, 50 hours transferable credit and complete a minimum of 62 credit hours at the University. The student completes the program with core courses and 15 credit hours in a student-selected concentration, such as religious studies, criminal justice or entrepreneurship. A separate accelerated master's in ministry program requires a bachelor's degree, two years of pastoral or lay-leader experience, six semester hours of Bible and three in theology for admission.

Brescia University

Roman Catholic-affiliated Brescia University of Owensboro, Kentucky, offers an online accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Theology program with an emphasis in pastoral studies. The program allows qualified adults to finish in two years, but retains academic integrity and degree requirements. The program is designed around competency expectations of the National Association of Lay Ministry, providing a basic understanding of Catholic theology and offering courses in such areas as Catholic faith, Catholic moral tradition, Pauline Epistles, philosophy and the Sacraments.

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