Universities offer degrees in sports management at the bachelor's and master's levels. Sports management is a field that teaches students how to deal with administrative, management and business issues in sports. Students who pursue bachelor's degrees in this field tend to go on to entry-level positions in the sports industry, while those who receive both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sports management tend to pursue managerial positions in the sports industry.

Bachelor’s Degree

Degree in sports management are typically not available at the associate degree level. However, students who first pursue two-year associate degrees at community or junior colleges do have the option of transferring their courses, completing 60 additional credits of coursework and graduating with four-year bachelor's degrees. Bachelor's degrees in sports management are available in many different formats including Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business Administration. Requirements vary, but most programs require students to complete at least 120 credits of coursework, of which approximately half must be completed within the bachelor's program.

Associate Degree Types

Students who are enrolled in community colleges and are interested in pursuing bachelor's degrees in sports management can complete their associate degrees in any specialization. Examples of possible options are Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science. Typically, bachelor's degrees in sports management do not have a preference for one particular degree program as long as students fulfill certain requirements. One common requirement is a grade point average of at least a 2.75.

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Associate of Arts

Most associate degree students have to take 30 credits of general education requirements and 30 credits of introductory courses in the field in which they are interested in studying. Students who are interested in studying sports management typically take introductory courses in management, administration and business. A common degree program available in many community colleges and junior colleges is the Associate of Arts. This degree program allows students to specialize in business and management, and it's particularly appropriate for students interested in management aspects of the sports industry. Examples of available courses are introductory marketing, introduction to business, business communication, leadership and principles of management.

Associate of Science or Applied Science

Two other programs that are available to associate degree students who are interested in studying sports management in college are Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science. In addition to offering specializations in business and management, these programs also allow students to specialize in the natural sciences. Because sports management requires students to have some knowledge of the human body, students in these programs might take courses in kinesiology, biology, anatomy and physiology.

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