As a writer, you express your opinions through argumentative papers. These call for research, a clear thesis and defined points of argument that transition well, so naturally you want topics with a great deal of research material available. Several argumentative topic areas are fruitful and engaging for a writer preparing a research-based argument. Remember, good argumentation centers around current events; nothing gives credibility to your persuasive stance like contemporary evidence.

Interpersonal Relationship Topics

Current ideas on interpersonal relationships are ripe for argument; a stalwart yet contemporary topic remains, "Should gay marriage be legalized nationwide?" Proponents favoring the action argue against stereotypes; those against it hold more traditional stances. The topic allows you to research not only commonly held views but also cultural and ethical frames of reference; you could spend a month on the research alone. If you want less controversy, you could argue, "Women are taking over men's roles in work and relationships" or "Social media has changed the face of dating."

Sports Issues

The sports world, once merely the province of scores and replays, now has legions of possible topics; any given sport, such as football, offers you numerous research-and-argue choices. Topics include, "Football mascots are guilty of decades-long racism" and "The possibility of young player injury should change the rules of tackle-and-grab football," both of which are contested by both traditionalists and reformers. For less controversy, try, "Good role models are missing in the world of sports today" or "Should girls play football?"

Healthy Arguments

Health issues are fertile argumentation grounds. You might consider, "Is national health care valid?" This subject has advocates on both sides contesting its value. Health reforms that limit or ban certain foods will continue to provoke both anger and encouragement. Your argument could be, "Sugar or salt should be banned along with trans-fat." Smoking is one of the most reviled habits around, yet it persists. "Why people still smoke" would be an excellent topic not only for health issues but also for human psychology.

The Hottest Topics are Global

You will find the environment yields several good argumentative essay topics, such as, "Is global warming valid or invalid science?" Advocates on both sides of this question will give you much research material. This is always the first thing you look for to create a thesis for your essay, support your series of arguments and provide both concrete detail and commentary for your argumentative work.

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