Writing a speech may sometimes seem challenging, especially if you are not comfortable giving speeches to others. However, if you have the option to choose your topic, you have plenty of interesting subjects available to suit your own hobbies and preferences. Topics can range from research to real-life events, depending on the class.

Real Life News

If you are interested in politics or are actively involved with current events or local news, this is a great platform for grabbing a speech topic and title to write about. Some political topics include pending legislative bills, the budget or employment growth. Research local and national news to write on upcoming local events, global weather news, or even financial updates depending on your own interests. Some global weather topics might include the increase in our sun's solar flares, the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, or climate change. You can also write on conspiracies that interest you, current philosophy, or even celebrity news, depending on your teacher’s rules and guidelines.

Instructional Speech

Choose an activity or skill you are capable of completing to write an instructional speech. You can write on raising animals, completing a video game, creating a website, or even redecorating a room. Other instructional topics can range from building a craft to baking a cake or playing an instrument of your choice. In some cases, you may also be required to demonstrate your skill to the class while also giving the speech, so it is important to choose a skill or activity that is easy to demonstrate while speaking.

Hobbies and Interests

Write your speech on one of your favorite hobbies or interests. It's easier to express your opinions and thoughts on a subject about which you have extended knowledge. Some hobbies that you might be interested in writing about include fashion, cars and mechanics, technology, such as computers, Internet or texting, and music. You can also write your speech on other pop culture subjects, including movies, television shows or your product preferences in clothing, electronics or foods. Include in your speech details on why the hobby or interest has meaning to you, and why it is important in society.

Charities and Organizations

Give a speech on a local, national, or even international charity organization that you admire and believe in. Choose a charity that has a goal or mission statement that you support. You can feature and highlight events that the charity has supported near you to help your audience stay interested and intrigued with your speech and message. Ask questions to help others understand the organization afterward to spread the word of your favored organization even more.

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