Communication is the exchange of information and ideas, whether written or verbal. Effective communication skills are about conveying your message to others clearly. Communication is an important skill for successful businesses and for building relationships by influencing interactions either positively or negatively. Effective communication engages the choice and use of an effective communication channel and presentation of information to the target audience.

Development of Interpersonal Skills

Developing interpersonal skills is an important aspect of effective communication. Interpersonal skills encompass the verbal and non-verbal aspects of a message. You should be able to communicate with other people under different circumstances. Whether it's sharing good news like a job promotion or bad news, like a death in the family, knowing how to handle various situations is essential in being a good communicator.

Message Development

Technological advancement has resulted in the development of many forms of communication. You should develop the message content carefully to communicate effectively. All messages are designed to have a purpose whether written or spoken. Effective communication skills will enable you to create clear messages. You will achieve this by eliminating unnecessary words and making the message relevant to the target audience.

Active Listening

Active listening is an important aspect of developing effective communication skills. Maintaining eye contact and avoiding interrupting the person you are communicating with are ways to ensure you listen to the message. Active listening means you concentrate on what your subject is relaying to you. By doing this, you increase the chance of developing solid relationships with people, which can come in handy in your business and personal life.

Reading Non-Verbal Cues

Developing skills of reading non-verbal signs during conversation is a vital communication skill. Human beings present important messages with their body language. Facial expressions, eye movement, body posture and gestures are ways an effective communicator can pick up on what a person is trying to say -- or trying not to say. Mastery of the non-verbal signals leads to effective communication.

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