A CEU, or Continuing Education Unit, is defined as a set number of hours of participation in a continuing education program. They are most often used to prove the educational accomplishments of an individual to an employer, certification body, professional society or governmental licensing board. Because there are no standards in place to recognize CEUs, an institution that wants to offer CEUs has to get approval from the specific body that recognizes CEUs in a particular field.

Keep track of what your institution offered students if the body that governs your field's CEUs allows self-certification. This includes what courses were offered, what was taught, how long the courses were and how many students were enrolled. On a yearly basis, you will usually have to submit to the governing body a list of what the institution offered.

Submit the agenda for the course(s) and proof of attendance to your certifying body if post-approval is allowed. Once the courses are over, the body will determine the number of CEUs that can be approved and which participants can use those CEUs.

Submit a detailed program outline of the CEUs you will be offering if your certifying body allows pre-approval. You will need to ensure that you list every aspect of the course(s), including who will teach them, what will be taught, what tools/materials will be used, how long the course(s) will be and how students will be evaluated.

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