Harvard College is the undergraduate college within the Harvard University system. It is actually Harvard's oldest school and was founded in 1636. Harvard College offers two degree types: Artium Baccalaureus (A.B.) and the Scientium Baccalaureus, (S.B.), and rather than majors students at Harvard chose a concentration of study. Students accepted to Harvard are typically in the top 10 to 15 percentile of their graduating high school class, have taken the most rigorous curriculum available to them and are typically well-rounded and an active part of their community. You can apply to Harvard College on line or by mail.

Freshman Applicants

Apply on line with the Common Application or the Universal College Application. Both of these online application types are operated by an independent website but are accepted by Harvard and can be found on Harvard's website (see References). To apply, you must create a free account on either site, and fill in the requested information, including an essay. Then you may send in your transcripts to Harvard College at: Harvard College Admissions 86 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138

Submit payment of $75 (2010) to the Common Application or Universal College Application when prompted to complete your application. Payment must be made by debit or credit card.

Download supplemental application forms to be admitted in addition to your online application. You can download these forms from Harvard's website, but you will not be able to complete or submit them online. The required forms include Harvard Supplement, School Report, two Teacher Reports, and the Mid-Year School Report. The Harvard Supplement, which ask applicants additional information about their proposed area of study, extracurricular activites, and provides additional essay topics in addition to the online application essay question. The School Report requires you to enter in your current coursework information; a counselor or school administrator must complete the report and include details about your academic performance. The Teacher Reports must be completed by two different instructors and include information about your academic performance. The Mid-Year School Report tracks your academic progress in the middle of the school year.

Transfer Applicants

Complete the Universal Transfer Application on line. The online Common Application is not available to transfer students. The Universal Transfer Application is operated by a third-party and is accepted by the admissions committee at Harvard College.

Pay all applicable admissions fees when prompted online. The Universal Transfer Application website will process your admission fee for Harvard College. You must pay by credit or debit card. As of 2010, the admissions fee was $75.

Download, complete and return the supplemental admissions form. This includes the Harvard Supplement, College Report and two Professor Recommendation forms. These forms are similar to those required by freshman applicants except they require information about your college coursework and recommendations from two college professors.

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