The apple is a fruit found in many homes and little kids are familiar with eating it for snacks, in juices and desserts. Incorporate this nutritious fruit into your 2-year-old's art activities. Then make room on your fridge for the brilliant works of art that are coming your way. It could get a little crowded.

Apple Sponge Prints

Pour a small amount of nontoxic red paint into a shallow dish. Use plenty of newspaper because 2-year-olds can make a mess really fast. Take his hand and dip the apple-shaped sponge lightly into the paint and blot any excess on newspaper. Press the sponge lightly onto white construction paper. After helping your little one a couple of times, let him try it on his own. He's having a good time spent with you and learning a new skill, even if his picture doesn't turn out perfectly. Remember: You're dealing with tiny hands and fingers.

Paper Bag Apple

What toddler doesn't love to rip items to pieces and then laugh at the mess he makes? Give him the opportunity to do that by tearing red construction paper into tiny, messy pieces. Cut out a large apple shape from a paper bag. Use a glue stick to spread glue over the entire bag. Let your toddler throw the red pieces onto the bag to create the red apple. You only need a small bit of green for the stem, so hand him a crayon to complete his work of art. Set you paper bag apple aside on a high shelf to allow the glue to dry.

Pom-Pom Apple Tree

Cut out the shape of a tree using white construction paper. Show your little one how to hold a paint brush and carefully dip the brush into paint poured out on a paper plate. Paint across the tree until all or at least most of it is green. Check the floor and furniture for drips. If you can wipe them before they dry, maybe you won't get too frustrated. The tree needs to dry. After it dries and your little one has awakened from his nap, let him glue the apple pom-poms on the tree for an extra special treat. No, it doesn't take much to make a 2-year-old smile.

Edible Apple Craft

Now it's time for a tasty apple treat. Mix white icing with red food coloring and help your child spread the frosting across a caramel rice cake. Use a plastic knife to avoid any accidental cuts and keep crying to a minimum. Place a piece of licorice stick at the top for the stem and green taffy for the leaf. Count to three and both of you can take a bite together. Yum! It doesn't get much sweeter than this. Now prepare for your little one to run all over the place once that frosting settles into his system.

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