Build a teepee, come inside Close it tight so we can hide Over the mountain and around we go Here's my arrow and here's my bow! The rhyme above turns the somewhat difficult task of teaching a child to tie their shoes into a fun, interactive experience. The story of the teepee reminds him of what steps to take as he practices over and over. The easiest way to teach a young child, with a jump rope tied around his thigh, allows his small hands to better manipulate the movements, according to the Sacred Heart Elementary School of Kingston, Massachusetts, web site. Helping your child accomplish this task will boost his confidence.

Tie the jump rope to your child's thigh with both of the loose sides even, taking care not to tie it too tight.

Have your child pull each side of the loose rope taut and keep tension on it. Cross one side of the rope over the other side now to make an "X." The "X" makes a teepee, so you now begin the rhyme and say, "Build a teepee."

Have your child pinch the center of the "X" with one hand and loop one piece of rope over and through the bottom of the "X" with the other hand. While the string goes through the hole in the bottom, you say, "Come inside."

Have your child pull the rope tight and keep tension on it. For this step you say, "Close it tight so we can hide."

Have your child put her pointer finger over the middle of the rope and loop the left side of the rope over her finger then pinch beneath it. For this step say, "Over the mountain." Now tell your child to remove her pointer finger from the jump rope.

Have your child bring the right piece of rope all the way around the loop. For this step say, "And around we go."

Have your child push the rope back up through the one loop. For this step you say, "Here's my arrow."

Have your child pull a second loop out of that same piece of rope and pull both loops out even and tight. For this step you say, "And here's my bow."


Begin by practicing with a jump rope. The, as your child gets used to the steps, give him adult shoes to practice on. Flat shoelaces tie and hold much better than the rounded ones. Using two different colored shoelaces may make it easier for your child to keep track of what string to work with.


Tying the rope too tight around your child's leg could cause a loss of circulation. Please make sure that two fingers can fit underneath the rope.

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