Virtually all high school assessments are analyzed to assist teachers with instruction and or to facilitate student learning. Diagnostic assessment results are analyzed to determine the depth of student knowledge before instruction. Formative and interim assessments are analyzed to pinpoint deficits in student learning and identify concepts for reteaching. Teachers may use summative assessment data analysis to restructure teaching progressions or instructional strategies employed to present material for future students.

Analysis of Diagnostic Assessment

Analysis of the results of diagnostic assessments facilitates teacher understanding of where instruction should begin and which fundamental concepts may need review before starting instruction. Diagnostic assessments pinpoint the individual and group level of prior understanding. These assessments are sometimes referred to as pretests. Without analysis, the pretest is worthless. The analysis of diagnostic data may also be valuable in helping teachers to understand the need for differentiation for some students.

Analysis of Formative Assessment

Formative assessment data analysis is used to inform teachers of gaps in student understanding. This analysis provides teachers with information on which specific concepts may need to be retaught. Reteaching the concepts that multiple students have demonstrated incompetency in may increase the potential for better performance on the upcoming summative assessment. Additionally, formative assessment analysis of data for students with learning disabilities may further assist teachers and co-teachers in more effectively differentiating instruction.

Analysis of Interim Assessment

Data analysis of interim assessments is similar to that of formative assessments. The biggest difference lies in the fact that interim assessments are not used as indicators of teaching performance, but rather, as a predictor of student performance on summative assessments. Interim data analysis may reveal gaps in understanding that may be combated by additional exposure, reteaching, tutoring or differentiated instruction.

Analysis of Summative Assessment

The purpose of the analysis of summative assessment data differs slightly from the purpose of analysis of other types of assessments. End of course tests and graduation tests are two assessment tools that are categorized as summative. Though analysis does indicate the level of student mastery, analysis of these assessments may indicate potential instructional deficits and or indicate where alternative instructional strategies should be implemented for future students.

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