There are a number of private foundations that offer grants for various types of activities. The programming they support can focus on a particular area, portion of the population or a particular age group. They each have set up specific guidelines for funding. Their grant opportunities can be for programming in the arts, for educational opportunities and to help those who have a low income.

The Wallace Foundation

The Wallace Foundation provides grant funding for three main areas: programs to enhance children's learning when out of school, the arts and arts education and educational leadership. The foundation contacts organizations for funding proposals that it has identified for the various programming it supports. Proposals from organizations that are unsolicited have very little chance of receiving funding.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation awards grants in six program focus areas. These include: science and technology, library initiative, education and youth engagement, emergency relief, asset building and arts and culture. Each of these grant program has a strategic plan as to how funding will affect communities of all sizes. For example, the Asset Building Program is designed to help families with a low-income to stabilize their finances.

James Irvine Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation offers grants for youth, the arts and in programming for California democracy. The funding is focused on impacting communities and people in California. The foundation also strives to improve leadership, supporting various organizations and meeting a community's unique needs.

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