You need additional adults to supervise your class on a field trip. Invite parents to volunteer to accompany you on the outing by crafting a letter that outlines their roles as chaperones clearly. Compose a letter detailing the specific activity and the responsibilities that will be assigned to volunteers so parents know what they are signing up for.

Step 1

Type the date and salutation in your word processing document. Open with a friendly sentence, such as "Come join us for a learning adventure."

Step 2

Compose a sentence asking for a specific number of volunteers to accompany the class on the upcoming field trip. Specify the date and estimated departure and arrival times, referring to the destination website or informational packet to provide an address and approximate duration of the activity or program.

Step 3

State clearly in a bulleted list which duties the chaperones will be expected to perform. Be specific--for example, "Volunteer will be responsible for supervision of five to seven students assigned to his/her group" or "Volunteer will assist a team of three students in interpreting clues during the scavenger hunt."

Step 4

Provide details about whether chaperones are required to provide their own transportation or if they are permitted under school policy to ride the bus with students. Likewise, state that parent volunteers are responsible for the cost of their own admission fees unless your school provides a chaperone allowance in such cases.

Step 5

Explain in your letter what the dress code will be. Clearly state if the activity will be conducted outdoors and if extensive walking or climbing of stairs is involved. Advise your volunteers to wear comfortable shoes and modest clothing appropriate to the activity.

Step 6

Close your letter by listing the exact date by which parents must respond. Provide your preferred contact information (phone, e-mail address).

Step 7

Proofread or spell-check your letter and make appropriate corrections.

Step 8

Print out the letter and make copies to distribute to students. Instruct students to place the letter in their backpacks or folders and to give the letter to their parents.

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