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The position of head boy or head girl is granted to a student by the school council who exemplifies good behavior, grades and attendance. The title is common at high schools, secondary schools, and primary schools in the United Kingdom. As head boy, a student is responsible for setting an example for other students at the school and for serving as a leader in school activities. Sometimes there is also a deputy head boy or deputy head girl with similar duties.

Lead by Example

The main duty of a head boy and girl is to lead by example and be a good role model. Each day at school, he must act in keeping with school rules and regulations, keeping in mind that other students will look to him for behavioral clues. This includes showing good punctuality, participating in school events and student council, maintaining good grades and showing school spirit at sporting events.

Represent the School

Head boys are often required to be ambassadors for their school at events around the county or even the country. At these events, which may include festivals and conferences, the head boy may speak on behalf of the student body as a student voice, volunteer or man a school booth. At school parents' evenings, the head boy is usually present to speak with attendees. That’s why good communication skills are also important for this position.

Organize Prefect Duties

The head boy is responsible for organizing school prefects, who are leaders from each grade level. He must plan and assign duties, head meetings, explain the rules and regulations and is often the first line for prefect conflicts. The head boy ensures that prefects are taking care of their supervisory responsibilities and may speak with teachers to discuss any issues. That is why organisational skills and time-management are important for this.

Participate on Committees

During the course of a school year, the head boy is responsible for serving on various committees to plan school events. He may head up committees for dances, school carnivals, newspaper activities, clubs or other organized events. He may also handle fund-raising events.

Read Daily Bulletins

Depending on the school, additional duties for head boy may include reading daily announcements, whether it be over a loudspeaker system or in person at assembly.

Resource for Students

The head boy is often the person younger students or lower years go to when they are having problems with bullies or when they run into other trouble at school. Depending on the school, the head boy has a varying level of authority in such situations, but is always able to give advice and may organize a mediation session when necessary.

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