Juxtaposition describes two things side-by-side. When writing a juxtaposition paper, you are being asked to compare and contrast two things, explaining how they are alike and different. Following a structure will help the reader better understand what is being compared and contrasted. You may be asked to write this type of paper for an English or writing class. When writing, use your instructor's guidelines regarding the length of the paper.

Write a paragraph introduction ranging from three to five sentences. The introduction needs to include a thesis statement, which explains what the essay will be about. Explain in the opening paragraph what you are going to compare and contrast.

Compare your two ideas in the second, third and possibly fourth paragraphs. Each paragraph should be about one idea. For example, if you are comparing an apple and orange, write one paragraph explaining how both items are fruits. Another paragraph can explain how both fruits are round. The final comparison paragraph can be about how both fruits grow on trees.

Explain how the objects are not alike in the following paragraph(s). For example, if writing about apples and oranges, you may want to write about how they taste different: one is bitter and the other is sweet. You can also describe how both fruits differ in color and texture. The final contrasting paragraph can be about how the orange has a skin that you peel before you eat and apples are eaten with their skin.

Write a conclusion summarizing the ideas you already explained. Re-state your thesis in the concluding paragraph and explain how you proved it.


Proofread your paper. Look for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

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