The "About Us" section of an e-commerce site is one of the most crucial and the most overlooked; many webmasters fill it out once and never go back. This section of your website helps a customer see the people behind the store, and discover why you are the best store to meet her needs. An "About Us" page should fit both the tone of your company and appeal to your target demographic. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the "About Us" page, some basic tips help coax it in the right direction.

Step 1

Determine the mood and tone of the store, and incorporate it into your copy. It may take several drafts to get the tone just right; too formal comes off as robotic, though too flippant a tone may flop on a store that sells necessities, such as medical supplies or hardware. Knowing your target audience helps you set the right tone.

Step 2

Include information on your location, who you are and the store's origin story. Also be mindful of keywords; the content of the "About Us" section not only humanizes you to visitors, but helps bring in search results. If you are the only shop in Arlington, Virginia that sells jewelry made from up-cycled doll parts, that is information to include.

Step 3

Include physical contact information, such as phone number and address, when appropriate. (If you work from home, that may not be the best choice.) Always include an email address so that customers can contact you with any questions. Include social media links if you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social services.

Step 4

Consider including information about who works with the company and what they do. Listing qualifications helps visitors trust the authenticity of the store; adding personal details, where appropriate, helps them relate to your people.

Step 5

Use photos as well as text to make the page interesting and readable. As with all Web content, solid walls of text and boring content turn off most visitors faster than autoplaying music.

Step 6

Include customer quotes and testimonials, if available. This shows visitors that you are trustworthy and have an established relationship with happy customers.


Keep the "About Us" page up to date. If something big changes in the company -- new employees or new locations -- then reflect that information on your website.


Do not compare yourself too much to other websites. While reading a few different "About us" pages gives you an idea of where to start, the same approach is not a good fit for all companies.


Avoid using unnecessary industry jargon when writing your "About us" page, as it alienates readers who are not familiar with it, and can come off as a bit stale at a later date.

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