Wound Care Certified (WCC) is a title many health care professionals pursue in addition to their primary licensing credentials. The credentials are given after the applicant has undergone a course of study and passed the National Alliance of Wound Care (NAWC) certification exam. It is open to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians and physician assistants. Passing the certification exam demonstrates an advanced knowledge of wound care, including assessment, management, immediate care and long-term treatment. Becoming WCC fulfills for many a desire to enhance their own medical knowledge while furthering their career. WCC credentials are good for five years, after which an individual must become recertified through ongoing education, retesting or training. Passing the certification exam, as with any exam, requires intensive study and preparation. One of the best ways to prepare is by studying practice questions like those found on an actual certification exam. Here are some suggestions for finding those type of questions.

Step 1

Take the five-day training course offered by the Wound Care Education Institute, the sole provider of the preparation course for the NAWC Wound Care Certification Exam. As part of the course, applicants undergo an examination review, which in part consists of practice questions. For those wishing to take the exam, the Institute offers it on-site at the end of the course.

Step 2

Buy an exam study manual specifically geared for the NAWC certification exam. The only one currently available is "WCC Exam Secrets Study Guide" by Morrison Media (see Resources).

Step 3

Purchase an online study guide. While the most common type of ebook study guides and test preparation materials are geared for technology company exams such as Microsoft and Novell, there is at least one that offers a $59 study manual for the NAWC Wound Care Certification (see Resources).

Step 4

Study similar, if not exact, WCC-type questions from materials targeted for other wound care certification agencies, such as the Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing Certification Board (WOCNCB), the American College of Certified Wound Specialists (ACCWS) and the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA). Similarly, study the questions from the wound care chapters of nursing exam guidebooks, such as those offered by Kaplan Publishing. Many of these books are available at bookstores new and used, as well as the local library. While the questions won't be exactly like those on the NAWC Wound Care Certification Exam, they still cover much of the same subject matter and can be a very useful preparation tool.

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