It can be an uphill road to win a school election. Fortunately there are a number of things that can be done to improve your chances.

Begin to focus on the group that is voting. For example if you are running for Key Club president you only need to get votes of the people in the Key Club. If your trying to win a High School election for class president you only need to focus on the class that votes for you.

Find out how the election will be held. Usually there are two main types.

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In the first people vote at their leisure, and usually a fair amount of people don't even vote. In this kind of election one of the biggest things you can do is to get people to the polls to vote for you. Getting a group of friends and assigning them each a portion of people to try to get ou to the polls is a good way to manage this.

The second type of election involves everyone in the group voting together. Here voter turnout is guaranteed, and you need to win a popularity contest in order to win a high school election.

There are ways to generally increase your popularity. The most effective is to have one or more parties, and make sure that everyone that's going to be voting (step 1) gets invited to at least one of them.

Other ways to increase popularity to win a high school election is buy handing out random things like candy, t-shirts, or pencils.

Hang up fliers to keep peoples attention.

Talk to people and see what they want from the office you are trying to be elected to. Remember to ask a wide variety of people to get an accurate picture of the whole group.

If you need to make a speech in order to win a high school election keep in mind what people are looking for from step 8. Keep the speech relatively short, and personal in tone.

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