A bachelor of arts has different graduation requirements than a bachelor of science degree. The former allows for a broad study of the marketing industry, while the latter provides more focused concentration. Which degree path is more desirable depends on the individual student's strengths, weaknesses and career goals.

Degree Path Focus

A bachelor of arts, or BA, degree in marketing provides a wider path for a college student in choosing electives and experiencing the entire discipline of marketing. This allows a student to learn a variety of subjects within marketing, though without intense focus on any one area of the subject. By contrast, a bachelor of science, or BS, degree provides more intense focus into one particular area of marketing, including marketing research, logistics management and brand management, while denying a student the ability to choose as many electives outside of the degree track.

BA in Marketing Advantages

The BA in marketing allows a student who is unsure about a career path to survey the different disciplines and find her areas of strength and weakness within the program of study. The survey nature of the BA also allows a graduate more opportunities when looking for a job in marketing because she has some familiarity with a wider section of disciplines within the industry.

BS in Marketing Advantages

The higher focus of a BS in marketing allows a student to hone his skills in a particular area of the industry. This degree path is ideal for a student who already knows which specific area of marketing he wants to go into after graduation. The student also has less trouble in planning his schedule because the bachelor of science degree's specialization or concentration uses up his course electives. A student also can more effectively target marketing firms and businesses for internship opportunities to adequately address the experience he needs in his concentration.

Math and Science Classes

If a student displays an aptitude for math and science subjects, including the physical sciences and statistics, a BS in marketing is the better career choice. A student who has great weaknesses in these subjects may want to choose the BA in marketing degree program because of the degree path's emphasis on broad understanding of concepts and increased elective opportunities. A student pursuing a BA may still have to take some math and science classes, but the degree program usually limits these to the university's general education requirements for all students.

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