Students choosing to graduate ahead of schedule enjoy certain benefits that can help them in college and in their careers. Hard work is required of those who attempt to graduate early, but it will be worth it considering the advantages discussed below.

College Entrance

The main benefit of graduating early from high school is being able to enter and complete college at a younger age. Some high schools offer advanced study programs for high-achieving students who can earn credit for college while still in school. This credit is usually offered in English, Algebra, and Biology. Therefore, a student who graduates at age 17 may be able to enter college with three to nine credit hours already earned.

Career Preparation

Graduating early can also provide more opportunities for career preparation. For example, students who are on an accelerated academic track or who start college at age 16 or 17 may be able to take advantage of job internships offered by companies who are seeking the best and brightest.

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Life Preparation

Students who graduate early also get a head start on meeting life's challenges. Although life experiences are not always positive, early graduates will have to face challenges sooner than later and will have to develop in themselves the character and fortitude to persevere.

Financial Benefits

There are certain financial benefits in early graduation, especially when considering that these graduates will probably be entering the workforce sooner. There are academic scholarships to be earned as well for those who have high grade point averages. Early graduates usually have higher than average GPA's and SAT/ACT scores which are factors to be considered when awarding financial scholarships.

Personal Benefits

College and career preparation as well as financial awards all help advance one in personal life. Students who graduate early from high school have a head start on achieving the goals that it takes others years to accomplish. These benefits include job security, advancement and promotion which helps make a higher standard of living possible.

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