Extra credits are becoming welcome by many high school students. These credits allow students to graduate early or take off extra classes as a senior, freeing up hours that students can use for college courses, a job or other personal interests. Having extra credits allows students more freedom in high school, especially in their final year.

Take online high school classes. Online high school classes allow students to take classes that their schools might not offer or take classes faster than the traditional high schools. Any online accredited high school course will be accepted as transfer credits to most high schools around the country.

Take extra classes offered through the school. Some high schools offer extra classes, such as classes after school or before school, which can add to credit hours required to graduate. Even an early morning choir class can boost credits and allow students to attain goals of early graduation or similar goals.

Join any high school programs for accelerated learning. Though accelerated learning courses are not offered at every school around the country, any school that has these courses available offers students the opportunity to take extra credits in a shorter amount of time, leading to early graduation.

Sign up for any programs available through the school that are not specifically classes. Some schools offer programs, such as job training programs or college classes through local community colleges that can earn students extra credits in high school outside of the normal high school class hours, giving extra credits in the amount of one class or more.

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